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The EPA has primary jurisdiction over water quality. This website provides information on groundwater, drinking water, and water science.


ADEQ provides links to reports on water management in Arizona and water quality.

The ACC has jurisdiction over the quality of services and rates charged by public service utilities.


ADWR’s mission is to ensure a long-term, sufficient, and secure water supply for the State. The site offers numerous water efficiency resources and information for Arizona residents and businesses.


The RWAA’s mission is to facilitate the optimization of resources while mutually expanding the technical, managerial and financial capability of member utilities and the RWAA while engaging associate members, funding sources and regulatory organizations in the pursuit of this mission.

The mission of Mohave County is to serve its citizens through the efficient management of resources and the promotion of cooperation among communities, in a visionary manner that enhances the lives of those served.

Service Area, Walnut Creek Water

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Water-Use it Wisely offers tips on conservation and home water audits. View 100 water-saving tips on their website


Water Conservation Throughout the Home

Conserving the amount of water used at home will not only help to keep your water bill lower, but it’s also better for the environment

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